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Trailer Tire 18.5 x 8.5 x 8 Loadstar Tire Also Called 215/60 - 8
Trailer Tire 18.5 x 8.5 x 8 Loadstar Tire Also Called 215/60 - 8
Kenda Loadstar Low Profile K399
Manufacturer Part Number: 1HP26
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This is Loadstars 18.5 x 8.5 x 8 Trailer Tire. Another tire size distinction would also be referred to as 215/60-8. Both of these are labeled on the sidewall of the tire. This is an 8 inch High Speed Rated Trailer Tire that provides more tread life and comes with a Factory Warranty to Prove you are purchasing a Higher Quality Trailer Tire backed by Loadstar, a company that Stands Behind Their Product!
This size provides a Low Profile, Rugged and Tough Bias Ply tire that has the smooth appearance of a radial. This 18.5 x 8.50 x 8 Bias Ply Tire features innovative tread patterns to allow for better towing stability and slower tread wear, prolonging the life of the tire. these tires are designed with the user in mind, giving you a lower profile without compensating for towing performance. Match up the capacity your needing by checking out the specs below. Also called 215/60-8
Trailer Tire Specs:
Load Range C (6 Ply)
Side Width 8.9 inches
Overall Diameter 18.3 inches
Capacity 935 lbs
Max p.s.i 50
Loadstar recommends to maintain the max psi as stated on the sidewall of your trailer tire. This would mean for this tire size, run 50 psi in each tire at all times while towing. Keeping the max psi allows the tire to carry its full rated capacity, as well as wear properly to keep to you tire performing longer. Improperly inflating your trailer tire will result in irregular tread wear that could cause premature damage or failure of the tire. 

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