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Trailer Tire 5.30x12 Bias Ply 12 in Load Range C 1045lb by Loadstar
Trailer Tire 5.30x12 Bias Ply 12 in Load Range C 1045lb by Loadstar
Kenda Loadstar K353
Manufacturer Part Number: 10066
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This is Loadstars 5.30 x 12 High Speed Rated Trailer Tire. This is a 12 inch Trailer Tire that provides more tread life and comes with a Factory Warranty to Prove you are purchasing a Higher Quality Trailer Tire backed by Loadstar, a company that Stands Behind Their Product!
Looking to beef up that 12 inch wheel with a little more capacity. This bias ply tire will certainly accomplish that. Great for any small boat, jetski, and utility trailer. Built to last and withstand the constant maneuvering of a small trailer.  You can mount the 5.30 x 12 Loadstar tire to either a 4 Lug or 5 Lug trailer wheel. All loadstar tires and are manufactured with quality compounds and increased tread depth over the competition. With proper maintenance, you will have a trailer tire that will perform time and time again. On the sidewall of this 5,30 x 12 tire you will read the carrying capacity, and maximum tire pressure. For proper long term performance and strength, always inflate your tire to the maximum pressure. For this 5.30-12 tire, that pressure would be 80 lbs. Inflating to this pressure allows you to get the maximum 1045 lbs of carrying capacity, and allows the tire to wear properly. 
Tire Specs:
Load Range C (6 Ply)
Side Width 5.6 inches
Overall Diameter 21.9 inches
Capacity 1045 lbs
Max p.s.i 80

Trailer tires require the maximum pressure in order to keep the profile of the tire in proper shape. When under inflated, the sidewalls can buckle and become damaged when increases in heat and weight are applied. Inflating your tires properly keeps the shape of the tire and prevents these issues from leading to a failed trailer tire. 

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