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Trailer Tire ST175/80R13 Radial Tire 13 in Load Range C 1360lb by Loadstar
Trailer Tire ST175/80R13 Radial Tire 13 in Load Range C 1360lb by Loadstar
Kenda Karrier ST Radial KR03
Manufacturer Part Number: 10199
BTP Item Sku: 100060
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This is Loadstars ST175/80R13 High Speed Trailer Tire. This is a 13 inch Trailer Tire that provides more tread life and comes with a Factory Warranty to Prove you are purchasing a Higher Quality Trailer Tire backed by Loadstar, a company that Stands Behind Their Product!
Loadstars sturdy steel belted radials are built to take you the distance. Put this on your enclosed, utility, or boat trailer and your sure to be satisfied. Perfect for interstate or highway traveling, but still yielding excellent in town 
maneuverability. Loadstar radial trailer tires feature an innovative tread profile that is unmatched. Radial trailer tires are chosen because of the benefits they provide the user. Radials have increased ground contact over Bias Ply Tires, and tread patterns specifically desire to transfer heat away from the tire, for cooler rotation and longer lasting tread. Radial trailer tires are your ideal high speed traveler. While they are still great for in town traveling, they really shine at interstate and highway speeds. If you are thinking of converting your ST 175/80 13 trailer tires to radials, you will be pleased with the smooth tracking and towing that having a radial provides. As always, proper maintenance on trailer tires is key to their longevity. While loadstar makes a superior product over the competition in every way, misuse of of your trailer tires, regardless of the brand, will lead to failure. Properly inflate your trailer tires to the maximum pressure as stated on the side wall of the tire. For this ST175/80 R13 Trailer tire, this pressure is 50 lbs. Inflating to this pressure will allow your tire to maintain its rigid profile, making maximum ground contact and carrying capacity. Under inflated tires or over inflated tires do not allow the sidewalls of the tire and tread to sit properly, which will lead to sagging or balloning of the tread while towing, damaging the tire at higher temperatures and weight loads. Proper psi, proper performance! 

Match up what your needing using the specs below:
Tire Specs:
Load Range C ( 6 Ply)
Side Width 7 inches
Overall Diameter 24.1 inches
Capacity 1360 lbs
Max 50 p.s.i

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